92246 Blohm & Voss Ae 607

92246 Blohm & Voss Ae 607

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This flying wing fighter was only a study and was not included on the Project list. Because the HeS 011 jet engine was chosen as the power plant, the cockpit had to be moved off-center. The wing had a compound sweep, starting at 65 degrees and changing to 55 degrees.

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4 decal variants:


1. Blohm & Voss Ae-607, Luftwaffe 1945 /alternate marking/

2. Blohm & Voss Ae-607, Luftwaffe 1946 /alternate marking/

3. Blohm & Voss Ae-607, Luftwaffe 1945 /alternate marking/

4. Blohm & Voss Ae-607, ex-Luftwaffe, RAF, June 1945 /alternate marking/


There were two fuel tanks, located in tandem on the starboard side of the air intake. Three MK 108 30 mm cannon were planned for the armament. A jet engine duct runs down the centre, with the Heinkel-Hirth HeS 011 engine installed towards the rear. A small tail fin is placed above the jet exhaust duct, while the pilot's cockpit is set just in front of the engine, but still well aft, and is offset to one side to give the pilot room alongside the intake duct. It is covered by a teardrop canopy. Two small, low aspect ratio and untapered canard foreplanes sweep forward from either side of the nose intake.

Decal variants: Germany, Great Britain

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