92226 Ki-86/K9W1

92226 Ki-86/K9W1

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In 1939 the German Bücker company demonstrated their Bü 131 "Jungmann" two-seat primary trainer to the Japanese Navy, which was impressed by the capabilities of the aircraft.

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4 decal variants:


1. Watanabe K9W1, Japanese Navy Trainer, Tebrau, Malaya 1945

2. Watanabe K9W1, Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit, Malaya 1946

3. Ki-86 Cypress, Peoples Liberation Army Air Force, Manchuria 1946

4. Ki-86 Cypress, postwar marking, Shanghai, late 1945


In August 1942 after the completion of negotiations for obtaining the manufacturing rights of the Bü 131, Watanabe (later renamed Kyushu) put the type into production as the Navy Type 2 Primary Trainer Model 11 (K9W1). Named Momiji (Maple) and code named "Cypress" by the Allies, the K9W1 became the Navy's standard primary trainer. The outstanding qualities of the K9W1 attracted the interest of the Army, which in 1943 instructed Nippon Kokusai Koku to manufacture a version of the aircraft bearing the designation Ki-86. Also known as the Type 4 Primary Trainer for the Army, the first examples were delivered starting in 1944 and replaced the Ki-17 as the Army's standard primary trainer.

Decal variants: Asia, Japan, Great Britain

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