92174 Caudron C-445 Goeland

92174 Caudron C-445 Goeland

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Caudron C-445 was a conventionally configured low-wing cantilever monoplane with tailwheel undercarriage.

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Producer: RS Models

4 decal variants:


1. Caudron 445 Goéland, ZG1, Luftwaffe 1942

2. Caudron 445 Goéland, Luftwaffe, Malmi, Finland 1941

3. Caudron 445 Goéland, Luftwaffe, North Africa 1941

4. Caudron 445 Goéland, Slovakia A.F., 1943


The main undercarriage units retracted into the engine nacelles. Construction was wooden throughout, with wooden skinning everywhere but the forward and upper fuselage sections, which were skinned in metal. As usually configured, the cabin seated six passengers with baggage compartments fore and aft, and a toilet aft.

Decal variants: Germany, Czechslovakia

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