92111 XP-79 Flying Ram

92111 XP-79 Flying Ram

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The XP-79 it would be powered by tow XCALR-200A-1 rocket engines to give the plane an extreme climbrate to make it able to climb to 40,000 feet.

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3 decal variants:


1. XP-79B Flying Ram, prototype, Muroc dry lake, September 1945

2. XP-79B Flying Ram, RE Farnborough, 1946 (alternate marking)

3. XP-79B Flying Ram, USA Home defence, Alaska 1946 (alternate marking)


At 40,000 feet the plane would dive into a formation of enemy aircraft at an estimated speed of up to 875 km/h and clip their wings or tail surfaces with its own reinforced wings, for this reason they gave the XP-79 the nickname: "Flying Ram". The pilot would operate the aircraft from a prone position, permitting the pilot to withstand much greater g-forces in the upward and downward direction. The pilot controlled the XP-79 through a tiller bar and rudders mounted below; intakes mounted at the wingtips supplied air for the unusual bellows-boosted ailerons.

Decal variants: USA, Great Britain

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