92106 Reggiane 2005 What if edition

92106 Reggiane 2005 What if edition

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The last model in the series was the excellent Re.2005 Sagittario (Archer). The wings were improved and enlarged, with new landing gear and heavy armament of 3 20mm cannon and 2 12.7mm machine guns.

450 Kč incl. VAT

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Producer: RS Models

3 decal variants:


1. Reggiane 2005, ANR, 1945 /alternate marking/

2. Reggiane 2005, Luftwaffe, Berlin 1945 /alternate marking/

3. Reggiane 2005, Sweden, 1944 /alternate marking/


The first prototype was ready in December 1941, but lacked the engine for 4 months from Germany (the Daimler Benz inline). The first flight was on 5.9.42 , after the MC.205 and G.55 had both flown. The Re.2005 was fast and maneuverable and used the Fiat 1,475 hp inline license built version of the Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine. Maximum speed was 391 mph, a service ceiling of 40,000 ft and a range of 786 miles. However, only 29 were built.

Decal variants: Germany, Italy, Sweden

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