92105 Ki 61 II Kai prototype

92105 Ki 61 II Kai prototype

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In 1944 the Ki-61-II was being built, but was only trickling off the production lines, and was suffering from the unreliability of its engine.

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3 decal variants:


1. Ki-61-II, Akeno Flight Training Division, Japan, 1945 /alternate marking/

2. Ki-61-II, Imperial Japanese Army Air Evaluation Department, Japan, 1945

3. Ki-61-II, 5th Sentai, Kyoshu AB, Japan, 1945 /alternate marking/


Moreover the engine was not being produced in sufficient numbers. The initial version of the -II had a larger wing and a new canopy, but it was soon replaced by the -IIa with the older and proven wing. Only 374 of all variants of the -II were built. In early 1945 one of 275 engineless airframes was fitted with the Ha-112 radial engine. Although a sudden lash-up conversion this produced a staggeringly fine fighter, by far the best ever produced in Japan. This aircraft, designated the Ki-100, was put into production with desperate haste.

Decal variants: Japan

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