92086 Reggiane 2006

92086 Reggiane 2006

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Together with both the Fiat G.56 and the Macchi C.206, the RE.2006 was a highly secret project. They were all modified versions of the Type 5 fighters, designed to be fitted with the DB.603 engine.

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Producer: RS Models

3 decal variants:


1. Reggiane 2006, Italian Airforce, 1943 /alternate marking/

2. Reggiane 2006, Sweden Airforce, 1944 /alternate marking/

3. Reggiane 2006, Hungarian Airforce, 1944 /alternate marking/


Although the Macchi never got past the design stage (confirmed in the RE.2006 book), both the G.56 and RE.2006 did get built, although the RE.2006 never flew. With cramped working conditions and a furtive construction to keep the Germans unaware of its whereabouts, it was a miracle the plane got built at all. With the Allied advancing well into Italy at the time, it was decided to hand it over to them, but it unfortunately it was broken up without ever getting a chance to fly.

Decal variants: Hungary, Italy, Sweden

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