92053 Fokker D-XXIII

92053 Fokker D-XXIII

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The D XXIII fighter was interested in employing a fore-and-aft tandem engine arrangement, the first prototype being powered by two Czechoslovak 528hp Walter Sagitta I-SR engines and flying for the first time on 30 May 1939.

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1. Fokker D-XXIII, first prototype, June 1939

2. Fokker D-XXIII, first prototype, April 1940


Next versions of the D XXIII were also proposed with HS12Xcrs, Jumo 210G and Kestrel XV engines, and although all-metal construction was intended, the prototype was fitted with a wooden wing of greater thickness/chord ratio in order to expedite the test programme. Owing to various problems, including rear engine cooling, only four hours of flight testing had been completed when the invasion of the Netherlands brought the D XXIII development programme to a halt. The proposed armament comprised two 7.9mm and two 13.2mm FN-Browning machine guns.

Decal variants: Netherlands

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