92263 Heinkel 112 B Spanish AF

92263 Heinkel 112 B Spanish AF

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Late in 1933 the RLM issued a specification calling for a momoplane fighter design.Four designs were produced : Arado 80.the Fw 159,the Bf 109 and the Heinkel 112. The He 112 which was designed by Dipl.Ing Heinrich Hertel, completed with the other three at a competition held at Travemunde in October 1935.

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1. He-112 B-0, Cap. Miguel Entrena Klett, Spanish AF 1943

2. He-112 B-0, Spanish AF 2. Rg. Mixte, Spain June 1946

3. He-112 B-0, Cap. Miguel Garcia Pardo


The product of the He 112A series was failured and Hertel undretook a complete structural redesing of the aircraft under the deignation He 112B.The first production prototype was the V9, which first flew in July 1937. The Japanese goverment placed an order for thirty He 112 during the autumn of 1937. The He 112B-0 had two 20 mm cannon in the wings and two 7,9 mm MG machine-guns mounted above the engine cowling. The first twelve aircraft were delivered to Japan during the spring of 1938,but a second batch of twelve,were hurriedly impressed into the Luftwaffe because of the Sudeten crisis. The machines were delivered to III/JG 132 at Furstenwalde, but following the signing of the Munich agreement, the fighters were returned to Heinkel for export and immediately offered the to Spain. The seventeen were delivered to grupo 5-G-5 in November 1938.

Decal variants: Spain

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