94003 Avia Ba.422

94003 Avia Ba.422

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The acrobatic special Avia Ba.422 was modified according to Novák's comments, to the acrobatic competition which took place Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris. It was built at the beginning of 1938 in two pieces 422.1 OK-AVB which was a backup and Novák's OK-AVC 422.2, powered by an Avia Rk-17 engine with an output of 350 hp.

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2 decal variants:


1. Avia Ba.422.2 OK-AVC, František Novák, Meeting St. Germain-en-Laye, France 1938

2. Avia Ba.422.1, OK-AVB, Oldřich Košař, Beograd, 1938


The upper and lower wings have been modified to improve visibility when flying on their backs. The competition in France in April 1938 was a great duel of the lieutenant Novak and German acrobat von Hagenburg. Novák got the most points, but the controversial decision of the French referee penalized him for exceeding the time limit. After that, he completed a successful tour of France. Flight 422.1 OK-AVB was demonstrated in the summer of 1938 by pilot Oldřich Košař in Yugoslavia.

Decal variants: Czechslovakia

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