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94008 Heinkel 112 V11

94008 Heinkel 112 V11


At the end of 1933, the RLM issued a specification calling for a monoplane design. Four designs were produced: the Arado 80, Fw 159, BF 109 and Heinkel 112. The 112, designed by Dipl. Ing. Heinrich Hertel, competed with three others at a competition held in Travemünde in October 1935.

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3 decal variants:


1. Heinkel 112 V11, W. Nr. 2254, testing aircraft, Marienehe, Germany, April 1938

2. Heinkel 112 V11, designation A 7He 1, testing aircraft in Japan, 1939

3. Heinkel 112 C, Luftwaffe /alternate marking/


The He 112 A series product failed and Hertel undertook a complete redesign of the aircraft under the designation He 112B. The first production prototype was the V9, which first flew in July 1937. The Japanese government placed an order for the He 112 B-0 in the autumn of 1937. The first twelve aircraft were delivered to Japan in the spring of 1938. The He 112 V10, the prototype for the proposed He 112 E /export/ model, was completed in late 1937. The aircraft was retained at the Heinkel plant at Marienehe for further evaluation and testing. On 1 September 1938, the V10 was sent to E-Stelle Rechlin, returning to Rostock on 20 October, and by the end of the year the D-IQMA finally crashed and was written off.

Decal variants: Germany, Japan

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