94009 Yak-11 / C-11 "Moose"


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The Yakovlev Yak-11 is based on the Soviet Yak-3 fighter aircraft, which flew with the AS-82FN radial engine on 10 November 1945. However, this machine did not make it into production, but was further modernized to create a new aircraft, which underwent trials in the spring of 1946. Read more

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Producer: RS Models


3 decal variants:


1. C-11, akrobatická skupina, výrobní č. 171721, ČSLA, 1958

2. Yak-11, OK-GFB, výrobní č. 40220, Aeroklub Spišská Nová Ves, 1962

3. Yak-11, OK-KIK, výrobní č. 172707m rekordní letoun, Aeroklub Brno, pilot Z. Bedřich, 1960


It was produced in the Soviet Union between 1947 and 1956 and a total of 3859 units were produced. In 1953, the Soviet Union sold the aircraft license to Czechoslovakia and the machine was produced at the Let Kunovice factory under the designation LET C-11. In 1953-1956, 707 units were produced here.

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Category: Limited Edition
Decal variants: Czechoslovakia
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94009 Yak-11 / C-11 "Moose"
94009 Yak-11 / C-11 "Moose"

16,76 €

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