94002 Avia B-322

94002 Avia B-322

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In 1936, the MNO ordered the production of a continuing aerobatic aircraft Bš.122. The aircraft originated from the acrobatic Ba.122, but had stepped wings and a longer fuselage and was powered by a Castor II-A engine.

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1 decal variant:

1. Avia B-322 / Bš. 122.45/, Praha Kbely, říjen 1937


The first Bš-122 was flown on September 10, 1936, from July 1937 Bš-122 were assigned to the training squadron of the 4th Air Regiment and the VLU. A total of 45 pieces were produced. After the occupation, the machine was also used by the Luftwaffe and several pieces were sold to Bulgaria. Other prototypes were Bš-322 and B-322 / Bš.122.45 /. The B-322 had a covered cabin and the Rk-17 engine had a Townend-type ring cover.

Decal variants: Czechslovakia

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