92244 Dornier Do 22

92244 Dornier Do 22

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The Dornier Do 22 was a German seaplane, developed in the 1930s. Despite good performance, it was built only in small numbers and entirely for the export market.

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4 decal variants:


1. Dornier Do 22, Dr-196, 1/LeLv 6, C.W.O. S. Laatala, Santahamina, August 1942

2. Dornier Do 22, export for Latvia, undelivered due invasion of Soviet Union in 1940 /alternate marking/

3. Dornier Do 22, D-OXWD, over painted Latvian markings, Friedrichshafen, 1941

4. Dornier Do 22, DR-195, W nr. 0027, civil reg. D-OXWF, 3/LeLv 6, winter 1942


The type was operated in the Second World War by Greece, Yugoslavia and Finland.The first production model, known as the Do 22/See when fitted with floats, did not fly until 15 July 1938 from Dornier's factory at Friedrichshafen, Germany, although it did incorporate parts made in Switzerland. While the Luftwaffe was not interested in the aircraft, examples were sold to Yugoslavia, Greece and Latvia.

Decal variants: Latvia, Germany, Finland

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