92240 Tachikawa Ki-94-II

92240 Tachikawa Ki-94-II

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The aircraft from Tachikawa was a single high-altitude fighter. Was to be powered by a turbosupercharged 2400 hp Nakajima Ha 44-12 18-cylinder.

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3 decal variants:


1. Ki-94-II of the Akeno Flight Training Division, Japan late 1945 /alternate marking/

2. Ki-94-II of the 102nd Hiko Sentai, Miyakanojo East airfield, Japan late 1945 /alternate marking/

3. Ki-94-II of the 244th Sentai, Chofu air-base, Japan, October 1945 /alternate marking/


The all-metal aircraft consisted of two gondolas, between which the designers placed their own fuselage, which was to house a pressurized cabin for the pilot and two powerful 2-star engines type Mitsubishi Ha-221 Ru and 2200 horsepower. m Each of them had to drive an adjustable four-bladed propeller. One push and the other pull. A retractable three-wheel chassis with a front wheel was planned. The armament was to consist of two cannons type Ho-203 caliber 37 mm located in the gondolas under the wings or two cannons type Ho-105 caliber 30 mm located in the wing. The aircraft could also carry bombs and a total weight of up to 1000 kg, placed on hinges under the fuselage or on hinges under the wings.

Decal variants: Japan

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