92224 Nakajima E8N2

92224 Nakajima E8N2

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The Nakajima E8N was a Japanese ship-borne, catapult-launched, reconnaissance seaplane of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

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4 decal variants:


1. E8N1 Type95, cruiser Nachi, Yellow sea, 1936

2. E8N1 Type95, 5th Fleet, 21st Sentain, Aleutian islands, 1942

3. E8N1 Type95, cruiser Ashigara, Jiangsu province, China 1938

4. E8N1 Type95, in German service with British marking, German cruiser Orion, Maug Islands 1941


It was a single-engine, two-seat biplane with a central main-float and underwing outriggers. During the Pacific War, it was known to the Allies by the reporting name "Dave". A total of 755 E8Ns were built by Nakajima and Kawanishi, production continuing until 1940.

Decal variants: Japan, Great Britain

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