92212 Nakajima Ki-87 II

92212 Nakajima Ki-87 II

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The Nakajima Ki-87 was a Japanese high-altitude fighter-interceptor of World War II.

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3 decal variants:


1. Ki-87-II, 10th Operation Flying Unit, Japan 1945 /alternate marking/

2. Ki-87-II, tested by ATAIU SEA, Tebrau Air Base, Malaya 1946 /alternate marking/

3. Ki-87-II, Akeno Flight Training Division, Japan 1945 /alternate marking/


It was a single seat, exhaust-driven turbo-supercharged engined, low-wing monoplane with a conventional undercarriage. Powered by a 3,000 hp Nakajima Ha-46-11 engine and with the turbo-supercharger under fuselage, never went further than the drawing board.

Decal variants: Japan

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