92153 Henschel Hs-132 A

92153 Henschel Hs-132 A

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Henschel's Hs 132 was a World War II dive bomber and interceptor aircraft of the German Luftwaffe that never saw service.

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Producer: RS Models

5 decal variants:


1. Hs-132A, StG 77 /alternate marking/

2. Hs-132 V1

3. Hs-132A, KG 51 /alternate marking/

4. Hs-132A, machine captured by Americans /alternate marking/

5. Hs-132A, machine captured by the Red Army /alternate marking/


The unorthodox design featured a top-mounted BMW 003 jet engine (identical in terms of make and position to the powerplant used by the Heinkel He 162) and the pilot in a prone position. The Soviet Army occupied the factory just as the Hs 132 V1 was nearing flight testing, the V2 and V3 being 80% and 75% completed.

Decal variants: SSSR, Germany, USA

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