92143 Ki-61 I Tei

92143 Ki-61 I Tei

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This machine featured two 12.7 mm Ho-103s in the wings, provisions of external storage using fixed underwing pylons, and a non-retractable tail wheel.

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Producer: RS Models

3 decal variants:


1. Ki-61 - 244th Air Regiment, Cyoufu airfield Tokyo, March 1945

2. Ki-61 - 55th Air Regiment, Yomitan airfield, Okinawa, June 1945

3. Ki-61 - 19th Air Regiment, Clark airfield, Luzon Philippines, 1945


The forward fuselage was elongated by 190 mm just after the exhaust line and forward of the windscreen to make room for the installation of Japanese 20 mm Ho-5 cannon in the fuselage decking. Several internal changes were also made. These included the simplification of several systems for increased dependability and ease of maintenance. The rear section of the fuselage was also made to be easily removable to further facilitate the ease of repair work.

Decal variants: Japan

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