92099 Arado-76 in A/B

92099 Arado-76 in A/B

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Among,the earliest specifications draw up by the C-Amt of Goring’s ¨Luftfahrtkommissariat¨ was one calling for a lightweight single-seater for use emergency ¨Heimatschutzjager¨.

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3 decal variants:


1. Arado 76, A/B 1, Freiwaklau, Görlitz, 1940

2. Arado 76 A/B 32, Pardubice, 1941

3. Arado 76, Sch/FAR 82, Germany, December 1940


The first prototype,the Ar 76a D-ISEN,was completed late in 1934,this being folowed in the spring of 1935 by a second prototype,the Ar 76a (D-IRAS).The general characteristics of the Ar 76 were adjudged exellent,but in the final evaluation of the designs,the Arado was placed second to the Fw 56.Nevertheless,a smal production series of aircraft was ordered as a back-up for the Fw 56 programme,and these,delivered to the Luftwaffe in the spring of 1936,were used by the Jagdfliegerschulen FFS A/B 1,FFS A/B 8,FFS A/B 23 a LKS 1 Kaufbeuern, FFS A/B 32 Chrudim.

Decal variants: Germany

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