92069 Avia Bš.122

92069 Avia Bš.122

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Training aerobatics airplane powered Walter Castor II engine. Was produced in quantity 45 pieces for the Czechoslovakian Army. Prototype flew for the first time 11. August 1936 with pilot O. Košař. From 5.11.36 into 26.7 1937 was passed into VTLU in Letnany where absolved on the whole 365 flight.

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5 decal variants:


1. AVIA Bš.122, 4th Air Regiment, 1939

2. AVIA Bš.122, VLU Prostějov, 1939

3. AVIA Bš.122, Slovakian Air Force, 1942

4. AVIA Bš.122, Bulgarian Air Force, 1942

5. AVIA Bš.122, Luftwaffe, 1939


Series airplane was based to training wing air regiment nr.4 in Hradec Králové and into VLU in Prostějov and Cheb. Up fission republic and occupation on March 1939 stay airplane Bš.122.27 and 44 on Slovakia. In year 1940 to they be in Germany purchased next four machines, 122.11,12 and 122.37 and 39. Was with that using to training, evidently near air school in Trenčín. Further 12 machines was German sold into Bulgaria, where with used too training. Some machines was flown also to training role by Luftwaffe.

Decal variants: Bulgary, Germany, Czechslovakia

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