92059 Arado 66 Trainer Luftwaffe

92059 Arado 66 Trainer Luftwaffe

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Arado Ar 66 was a two-seat training biplane, developed in 1933 and had an Argus As 10 air-cooled engine(240 hp), which drove a 2.5 m two-blade propeller.

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Producer: RS Models

3 decal variants:


1. Arado Ar 66C, PF+BG, LNS 2, 1941

2. Arado Ar 66C, D-IRYL, RLM Team, Deutschlandflug, 1935

3. Arado Ar 66C, DK+JM, unknown training unit


It was also used for night ground-attack missions on the Eastern Front. The crew consisted of two: instructor pilot and trainee, seated in open tandem cockpits equipped with dual controls and aircraft was equipped with instrument flight systems with photographic cameras were mounted as optional equipment.

Decal variants: Germany

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