92233 Sipa S.10/Arado Ar-396

92233 Sipa S.10/Arado Ar-396

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In 1943, the Reichsluftfahrtministerium launched a program to save aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals and quality steels in aircraft production, especially for non-combat types. As part of the savings on these materials, the school Ar 96 was to be replaced by a new machine, made of non-deficient wood and ordinary steel.

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4 decal variants:


1. Sipa S.10, No.19, France 1948

2. Arado 396 V3 / Sipa S.10, No.01, Bourges, France, December 1944

3. Arado 396 V1, Brandenburg, Germany, January 1944

4. Sipa S.10, No.05, France 1947


Arado has moved the development of the new Ar 396 to Société Industrielle pour l'Aeronautique in occupied France. German and French designers designed a simple wooden structure aircraft here, only the middle cabin part of the fuselage was designed as a lattice of steel tubes coated with a thin sheet of steel. Steel pipes were also in the wing beams. The air-cooled in-line twelve-cylinder Argus As 411 TA-1 with an output of 426 kW with a two-bladed automatically adjustable propeller was chosen as the drive. The aircraft manufacturer SIPA was to build three prototypes of the Ar 396 and 25 serial machines of the verification series.

Decal variants: France, Germany

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