92126 Ki-100 High back

92126 Ki-100 High back

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With the Ki-100 proving such a success, it was decided to initiate production of this aircraft, the resulting Ki-100-Ib differing only by having the cutdown rear fuselage and all-round-view canopy that had been designed for the proposed Ki-61-III.

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3 decal variants:


1. Ki-100, 244th Air Regiment, Japan, July 1945

2. Ki-100, 17th Air Regiment, Bakwai AF, Taiwan, Battle of Okinawa, July 1945

3. Ki-100, Akeno Flight Training Division, 111th Air Regiment, Japan, July 1945


A total of 99 of this version was built before production was brought to an end by the growing weight of USAAF air attacks. A more effective version had been planned, to be powered by the Mitsubishi Ha-112 engine which incorporated a turbocharger to improve high-altitude performance, but only three of these Ki-100-II prototypes had been built and flown by the end of the war.

Decal variants: Japan

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