92107 Zlin Z-XII

92107 Zlin Z-XII

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The first construction of Jaroslav Lonek made an aero company in Zlín was two-man self-Contained low-wing airplane Z-XII. Two first prototypes were tested in 1935.

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5 decal variants:


1. Zlín X.II.107, rekordní letoun/record aircraft, 1936

2. Zlín X.II.204, Paris Aerosalon, 1938

3. Zlín X.II.174, Hanácký Aeroklub, Olomouc, 1938

4. Zlín X.II, Luftwaffe, winter 1940

5. Zlín X.II.159, závodní letadlo/race aircraft, 1938


At the same time participated in a National fly of Czechoslovakia. After a very close crosscheck, from March to July 1936, where the seventh made airplane had flown 1000 hours / 140000 km, 529 sorties/ a production work could begin. The flyer had been manufactured with closed canopy or open canopy. It was run by engine Persy II with power 45 hp. A total of 201 Z-XII and 58 Z-212 were built.

Decal variants: Germany, Czechslovakia

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