92095 Airspeed Envoy Cheetah engine

92095 Airspeed Envoy Cheetah engine

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Pilot and eight-passenger enlarged and twin-engined development of the AS.5 Courier. First flown on 26 June 1934.

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4 decal variants:


1. Airspeed Envoy.6J, Spanish Republicans, 1938

2. Airspeed Envoy.6J, Air-Pyrenees, shot down over Basque, 1937

3. Airspeed Envoy.6J, ex PH-ARK, Flugzeuglehrer-Schule, Brandenburg - Briest, 1931

4. Airspeed Envoy.6J of 60. Squad. SA AF in East Africa, 1940


About 50 built by Airspeed for British, Japanese, Czechoslovakian, Chinese and South African civil operators, plus a small number for the South African Air Force and the RAF (SAAF Envoys carrying bombs and one forward-firing and one dorsal-turreted machine-gun). Mitsubishi also built a number under licence. Engines fitted to Envoys included the Wolseley AR.9, Scorpio I or Aries III, Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IVC or Cheetah IX, Wright Whirlwind R.760 and Walter Castor II.

Decal variants: Spain, Germany, Great Britain

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