48005 Manshu Ki-79A

48005 Manshu Ki-79A

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While manufacturing the Nakajima Ki-27 fighter under license,in 1942 Manshu undertook redesing of this aircraft as an advanced trainer.

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3 decal variants:


1. Ki-79 Ko, 26. Kyoiku Hikotai, Manchuria, 1944

2. Ki-79 Ko, Niskikoren, indonesian Poeple's Security force, 1946

3. Ki-79 Ko, 39. Kyoiku Hikotai, Yokoshiba, Japan, March 1945


The aircraft was built as the Ki-79 a single-seat trainer powered by a 510 hp Hitachi Ha-13a,and the two-seat Ki-79 b with Hitachi Ha 23. By 1943 they were becoming available in quantity,with both models equpping the Sendai and Tachiarai Army Flying Schools and the Tokorozawa Army Aviation Maintenance School.The Ki-79 b model was supplied to the Army Air Academy as well as the Tokyo,Otsu and Oita Army Boys Flying Schools,set up for high scool studens to interest them in becoming pilots for the same 2 Koren aircraft on Kamikaze missions.

Decal variants: Asia, Japan

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